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Our Spell Craft Bottles are made with careful intention. Place on your Altar or window sill to reflect the light of the sun and the moon. This will cast the spell twice a day.

Once you feel the spell has been completed, you can empty the contents, giving any herbs, fruits and flowers back to Mother Earth. After, you can wash and cleanse any crystals or items you would like to keep.

Lavender Girl - Intended to bring its owner feelings of peace and creating a closer connection to their intuition.


White Rice as a grounding base.

Rose Quartz for unconditional love.

Amethyst for peace and enhancing psychic abilities.

Lavender for peace and serenity.

Hydrangea for gratitude, grace and beauty.

Handmade in Perth WA, under a waining moon.

Lavender Girl Spell Bottle


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