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Our Spell Craft Bottles are made with careful intention.  Place one on your Altar or window

sill to reflect the sun and moon - this will cast the spell twice a day.  Once you feel

 the spell has been completed, you can empty the contents, giving any herbs/fruits/flowers 

back to Mother Earth then washing and cleansing any crystals or items you would like to keep.


Samhain- Intended to aid its owner in connecting with love ones that have passed. This Spell Bottle is one of a kind.



Himalayan rock salt as a grounding base.

Calendelua Flowers - Used for remembrance ceremonies.

Carnelian - Helps with understanding the mysteries of life and death.

Petrified Wood - Offers protection in the spiritual realm.

Patchouli - Grounding and releasing fear.


Handmade in Perth WA under a waxing moon.

Samhain Spell Bottle


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